Centralize your training records.

Finally, all of your records in one place.

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Organize your training records in one central location. Training plans house all of the training you conduct in your department, from one-time activities to ongoing training.

Build unlimited plans

Create training plans for all of your existing training.

Our configurable platform allows you to create training plans with open enrollment or set timelines. Provide meaningful descriptions and pictures to help with organization.

Sync your groups

Ensure no one falls through the cracks with syncing.

Our user management feature allows you to assign users to groups, then sync your groups with training plans. Whenever a user is added to a group, it will automatically sync with the right training plans.

Modularize your training

Break training into similar phases or modules.

Help keep your training organized by utilizing modules. Allow users to complete training simultaneously or linearly.

Build objective requirements

Tap into any part of the platform to set training requirements.

Create custom workflows

Add automation to your training process.

Workflows allow you to mimic real-world workflows while leveraging technology to notify users in real-time. Users receive updates and reminders to help move the workflow forward.

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