Elevate your training.

Pipeline enables organizations to manage, track, and deliver their training from a single customizable web platform.

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Centralize your training records.

Finally, all of your records in one place.

Organize your training records in one central location. Training plans house all of the training you conduct in your department, from one-time activities to ongoing training.

Assign users and groups to ensure 100% compliance

Set deadlines or allow ongoing enrollment

Add unlimited training plans

Discover Training Plans

Require the world.

Or, maybe just some training documents.

Utilize your existing training documentation to build out requirements. Our platform intelligently tracks completions and trainee progress for real-time reports.

Utilize your own rubrics & checklists

Tap into your own library to assign training materials

Build workflows that reflect your current training

Discover Requirements

Forms, the way you like.

Bring your own training documentation.

Our platform allows you to bring your existing training documentation. With over a dozen field types, we are confident that your existing forms will feel at home with Pipeline.

Over 12 different field types to choose from

Control every setting, from display to options

Integrate forms in any training plan

Democratize your training docs.

Give your organization access to all of your training documents. Anywhere. Any time.

Set your organization up for success by allowing access to all of your training documents from anywhere. Upload and distribute documents right through Pipeline.

Upload all of your training documents

Associate access with existing roles in the software

Integrate library resources into training plans

Report on everything.

Tap into a mountain of data to uncover organizational insight.

Gain meaningful insights into your training program to help make training decisions. Take advantage of your data to continuously improve your training program.

Report on all software features

Filter results to track trends

Build reports right from training records

Communicate in real time.

Targeted messaging that ensures consistent communication.

Get important messages out to your organization with our communication hub. Target specific users, groups, or roles to send real-time messages.

Leverage existing users, groups, and roles

Track message open rates with ease

No additional setup required, just type and send

Manage your roles.

Powerful, customizable roles and permissions that reflect your current training.

Ensure everyone has appropriate access through our customizable role management suite. Roles integrate natively with all software features.

Set individual permissions for each role

Customize role names to match your organization

Link roles to training workflows

Track training time.

Objectively track training time anywhere in the platform.

Define your own training topics to track training time. Match your existing training topics for a seamless transition.

Build unlimited training topics

Add topics as requirements within training plans

Report on completed training hours

Go schedule crazy.

Build custom calendars and events to track attendance.

  Beta Feature

Get rid of your antiquated attendance tracking. With Pipeline, all of your calendars and tracking are now in one place.

Build and color-code unlimited calendars

Track attendance through Pipeline

Assign events as training requirements